Front-end Loader

Call it a ‘bucket loader,’ call it a ‘wheel loader,’ call it a ‘scoop.’ Whatever you call it, you can build your own and use it to push and lift all sorts of heavy loads. Hundreds of DIY builders with Front-end Loader Build Plans are fitting boom arms and a bucket to tractors of every kind, even ATVs.

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Larger image of P.F. Engineering's Micro Hoe Plans

Log Splitter

Spare yourself the inevitable disappointment of buying the cheapest log splitter on the market. Log Splitter Build Plans show you how to make a dual-split model that will half the time you spend preparing firewood. Its durable design is ideal for heavy use, even after lying dormant during the warmer months.

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Larger image of P.F. Engineering's Micro Hoe Plans

Pin-on Mini Payloader

Pin-on Mini Payloader Build Plans debut a self-leveling bucket design, which keeps you from having to constantly adjust the pail as you raise or lower the boom. The completed payloader is relatively light and easily pins on and off of your John Deere tractor’s front quick-attach brackets.

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Larger image of P.F. Engineering's Micro Hoe Plans

Micro Hoe

Build and service your own backhoe attachment with Micro Hoe Build Plans. You’ll save money upfront and keep saving on maintenance for years to come. Virtually any make or model tractor can be outfitted. Dig trenches for water or electric lines. Excavate a small pond or pull out a tree stump.

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Larger image of P.F. Engineering's Micro Hoe Plans

Scissor-lift Dump Trailer

The bed-lift mechanism in our Scissor-lift Dump Trailer Build Plans is a unique design that combines aspects of a straight-cylinder lift with the benefits of a scissor lift. This provides more extension with a shorter cylinder, plus increased power during the most difficult part of the lift cycle — the start.

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Larger image of P.F. Engineering's Scissor-lift Dump Trailer Plans

About P.F. Engineering

P.F. Engineering specializes in DIY (Do-it-yourself) build plans for backhoes, front-end loaders, and more. Our plans make it possible for you to create your own custom hydraulic attachment that can be girded onto your garden tractor, compact tractor or other vehicle.

Hydraulic attachments made from our plans are the perfect tools for landscaping and maintenance done on your property. Light and powerful, they’re great for those hard-to-get-at locations where a larger machine won’t fit. They cause less surface damage and minimum ground compaction while traveling over lawns and other landscaped areas.

If you would like to build your own loader or backhoe, you’ve come to the right place. Our plans are professionally drawn, DIY friendly and priced right for your construction budget.

DIY Articles

Learn how to beef up your garden tractor’s front-end spindles, so they can properly bear the weight of a new loader. In our recent DIY Article, The 1000-pound Front Spindle Upgrade, you will find out which parts you’ll need and the steps involved. Read more.

Upgrading front spindles
DIY Articles

Take charge of your DIY project’s motion and maintenance, learn how to make your own bushings. Read about these humble yet crucial components in Build Replaceable Inner Bushings for Hydraulically or Manually Articulated Arms. Read more.

Making replaceable bushings


Scissor-lift Dump Trailer

January 20, 2022

Scissor-lift Dump Trailer Build Plans Released

Plans for building our new Scissor-lift Dump Trailer are now available for order.

October 29, 2021

Testing the Scissor-lift Dump Trailer prototype

Lifting 3000 pounds of stone with a prototype of our upcoming dump-trailer design.

October 15, 2021

Prototype of the upcoming Scissor-lift Dump Trailer

The first video of our new dump trailer prototype.

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