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10/30/2017  NEW PRODUCT ! -- LOG SPLITTER PLANS are now available from the "order plans" link. See product specs below.


 P.F. Engineering log splitter - first look at the PROTOTYPE unit



the plans include complete build instructions, bill of materials list for all steel, hydraulics and misc. hardware, hydraulics schematics and Online hydraulic suppliers list where you can comparison shop for reasonably priced parts.

my design goals were to create something i didn't have to bend over all day to use, or waste a lot of steps picking up off the ground what i just split . the table stores quite a few logs for splitting and i can load up the log lift as well. the table height is waist high for easy split and load operation. i also wanted to protect the engine/pump from those stray logs that end up breaking things. the controls are all below table height for the same reason and the log lift control is out front for access from either side.

you will find that the two-way horizontal wedge moving at a reasonable (safe) speed will split more wood per hour than a faster moving one-way splitter.

Here are some specs: THE VIDEO shows a 5" bore cylinder with 13 GPM pump, 10 second wedge speed one-way

overall weight: 1000 lbs

Hydraulic Cylinder size: 4" or 5" bore x 24" stroke, 2" rod diameter, with clevis ends

Hydraulic pump: 13 or 16 Gallon Per Minute two-stage pump

Engine HP: 6.5 

Oil reservoir: 14 gallons

cylinder speed options:
5" bore cylinder @ 13 GPM = 10 seconds one-way,  5" bore cylinder @ 16 GPM = 8 seconds one-way.
4" bore cylinder @ 13 GPM = 6.5 seconds one-way, 4" bore cylinder @ 16 GPM = 5 seconds one-way.

 estimated cost to build: $1500

it has a log lift and the work table is 34" wide by 72" long.

the plans show designs for 10" tall wedge and log stops at each end, enlarged volume 8" x 8" square tubing oil reservoir, larger engine area, split hydraulics for the main cylinder and log lift, pipe mount 2000 lb trailer jack, class 2 - 3500 lb 2" ball trailer hitch and torsion suspension axles.


 P.F.Engineering log splitter demo - Part 1

the wood i'm using is 2 year seasoned maple. i have split over 10 cord with this splitter and it has been very reliable and easy to use.



thanks for watching! if you have any questions please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call my cel 413-835-5801.

~ Paul @ P.F. Engineering

Micro Hoe Digging


here i am back in 2008 digging eight 5 ft deep holes for some 24" x 24" "bigfoot" post base and 10" sono tubes that will become the foundation for a new 20' x 30' workshop.the Micro Hoe plans currently include the original size 350 lb backhoe that can dig up to 5.5 ft deep for garden tractors, andi am also including a page that shows how the crowd arm can be lengthened 12" for a digging depth of 6.5 ft. this includes increased leverage required for the longer arm and a 2" longer crowd arm cylinder.the extend-a-hoe prototype you see in this video is able to dig about 7 to 7.5 ft. deep or so (for compact tractors) and weighs about 425 lbs. the extend cylinder runs off a foot controlled single spool valve (under my right foot) via the power beyond port on the main backhoe controls.the extend-a-hoe option requires a fair amount of work (and cost) to add the additional 20" reach above stock, which is why most folks end up simply creating a 12" longer single piece crowd arm with thicker wall than the stock unit for larger tractors that can take the additional weight.thanks for watching! ~ P.F.

 Cub Cadet 149 Transformation TLB Part 5 - Spindle Upgrade



Cub Cadet 149 Tractor Loader Backhoe - 20 Hour Update